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Today we have the fifth entry of our Seven Lies articles. One of the problems with the current fitness industry is with their bold lack of fun exercises and routines. Many individuals are inundated with stationary equipment at the gym that only serves a few purposes. Each machine may lend itself to a different muscle group, yet doing the same routine at the same place with the same equipment become repetitious and disengaging. Enter Lie #7: You have to stick to a regimented routine in order to see results and finally get fit.

The most common type of routine training program used in the United States is a little activity called running. In the 1970’s when running first became popular injury rates were already at a staggering 50% of those who ran regularly had an injury inflicted. Now 30 years later the injury rates have risen to nearly 70%. This is the highest rate of injury in sports and recreation today. There are 2 things that are causing so many people to get injured running.

1) Lack of physical preparation, improper motor function and lack of muscle and joint strength.

2) Repeating that same dysfunctional movement in excess.

Another common physical routine that is on the rise is Bodybuilding. There is nothing wrong with forming muscle mass. That is indeed why many of you have signed up with NXT. Structuring your fitness routine around back and biceps on Mondays, chest and triceps on Wednesdays and legs on Fridays is only helpful to those of us who want to bolster their muscle mass. For the rest of us seeking a beautifully toned athletic body it is much more beneficial to use full body movements.

There are many fitness aficionados who still claim that these outdated techniques are still to be used to this. As science evolves so does our understanding of what is right for our bodies. Equipment still used in the gym can still be seen even if the benefits are proven to be insubstantial to muscle development.

What people need to realize is that the fitness industry is just that, an industry. And in being so the focus is not inherently proclaiming the best way to achieve results but rather the best way to sell you products and give you just enough results to stay happy for a brief period of time.

If you truly desire great results you need to do bodyweight and weightlifting exercises at a high level of intensity on a planned system of progression. As complicated as this may still sound it can be broken down simply:

1) Pick a tool to use for resistance.

2) Learn some basic functional training moves.

3) Find a program that progresses in either range of motion, density or intensity.

4) Use consistent variety, stick to it and use a simple nutritional approach to compliment your training.

5) When you master that program follow another one that is harder.

Follow these 5 steps and you will avoid all of the pitfalls that many health-conscious individuals fall for. If you have a hard time deciding which direction to choose pick a system and stick to it for a committed period of time. We are completely confident when we claim that the KXT system works because we have used it firsthand on hundreds of clients and on ourselves with tremendous success. We do not intend to sell anything if we do not whole-heartedly believe it is for the best interest for our growing family. As always, let us know if there are any questions you have either about this article or past submissions. Feedback is entirely welcome.